Wood & Deck Stains

Maintaining Your Wood’s Appearance

DEFY Wood Stains are designed to protect your wood from damaging UV rays and the elements and add years of life to your wood. Besides protecting your investment and ensuring your wood’s beauty and value, it is remarkably easy to maintain your deck’s appearance.

Although the wood finish is only a small percentage of the cost of a wood structure, it is one of the most critical elements in its construction. We do recommend that you apply a light maintenance coat as the finish starts to fade; generally horizontal surfaces will need maintenance coats sooner than vertical surfaces. You will need approximately half the material that you used on the initial coating. To achieve optimum performance and reduce the level of maintenance, carefully follow the recommended procedures for cleaning and preparing wood prior to the initial application of DEFY Wood Stains.

DEFY Wood Stain is formulated to deeply penetrate wood. If too little is applied, it will fade more quickly, but if too much is applied or the surface is not properly prepared, the product may form a film and eventually peel. Prepping the wood properly with DEFY wood prep products will increase porosity and allow better absorption of the DEFY wood stains. Better penetration allows DEFY deck stains to protect wood longer and still maintain its attractive finish.

As soon as the color fades, a single maintenance coat should be applied. Keep in mind that areas that exposed to the intense rays of the sun will naturally fade sooner than shaded areas and may need to be maintained more frequently.

To begin, thoroughly clean the wood with a garden hose to remove dust and dirt. A weak solution of DEFY Wood Cleaner may be used to remove any graying or mildew that has occurred. If needed, DEFY Wood Brightener may be used to remove stubborn stains or for use on cedar and redwood. Rinse thoroughly and allow wood to dry completely. Apply one thorough coat of your DEFY deck stain to restore the color and water repellency to the wood.

NOTE: As exterior wood ages, it can darken and leave the color of a maintenance coat enhanced or darker than the original application. This can be offset slightly by using the Wood Brightener to lighten up the wood between maintenance coats.

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