Sales Training Videos

The “Secret Sauce” to More Add-On Sales – Served Up Just For You

Make this busy season your most profitable yet. We sat down with the top two HeatShield installers in the country, Chuck Hall and Mark Stoner, and in-home sales expert Alan Rush of Rush Profits fame for them to share their ‘secret sauce’ for in-home sales.  These 10 short videos will turn your techs into lean, mean, selling machines; have them watch these ASAP.

Facilitated by sales expert Alan Rush, Chuck Hall and Mark Stoner share exactly what they do that makes them two of the leading sweep companies in the country.

Mark Stoner

Mark Stoner (Ashbusters in Nashville, TN) was one of the first to begin using HeatShield. Now, 10 years later, he and his crew are among the foremost experts in selling and installing HeatShield.

Chuck Hall

Chuck Hall (Winston’s Chimney Service in Fairfax, VA) doesn’t hide the fact that HeatShield is the number one seller for him. Watch to learn what his team say and do to earn the customer’s trust… and money.

Alan Rush

Alan Rush (Rush Profits) is the in-home sales expert in the industry. Find out how he helps his clients close more sales per opportunity.


Have questions about selling or installing HeatShield? The experts sat down together to answer what you need to know.